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Mission and Learning Goals

Global MBA Mission

The mission of the Global MBA program is Preparing Business and Community Leaders with Integrity for the Global Environment.

The Global MBA curriculum places great emphasis on core values, providing students with a firm grounding in ethics, leadership, and globalization, following the clear guidance of the GWSB Academic Vision. Along with MBA core functional knowledge, the Global MBA curriculum immerses students in courses that improve skills in communication, critical thinking, analytics, and working in teams, providing them with a real-world experience transferable to a variety of fields.

Global MBA Guiding Principle

Act Responsibly, Lead Passionately, Think Globally

Learning Goals

1. Global Environment

Each student will be able to assess the global environment of business and its impact on decision-making when resolving management situations.

2. Moral Reasoning

Behave ethically and demonstrate responsible leadership in organizations and society.

3. Critical Thinking and Analytics

Each student will exhibit capability in critical thinking and analytics for sound decision-making using information, quantitative tools and technology.

4. Teams and Leadership

Each student will learn the critical factors for team success and determine skills necessary to participate in and demonstrate leadership ability.

5. Communications

Each student will be an effective communicator with the ability to prepare well-written reports and deliver professional presentations.