School of Business

Leveraging our Location: The George Washington University School of Business is where ideas are born, decisions are made and lives are changed.

Washington, D.C. is where business intersects with policy, which in turn impacts activities around the world. At the George Washington School of Business, we offer you the unique advantage of being embedded at the center of the global economy.

Our location, next to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and State Department gives you access to the inner workings of places that shape policy around the world. Home to renowned scholars, the School of Business faculty includes leaders in D.C.'s most powerful institutions, who bring extraordinary experiential learning and career opportunities to you.

To deliver a truly outstanding education, advance knowledge, and provide practical experience, we leverage the unique advantages of our nation's capital -- Washington, D.C. provides an ideal setting for training tomorrow's leaders. By leveraging our location you can help address pressing problems in the world and make an impact at the intersection of private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Yes, "D.C." does stand for our physical location in Washington, DC and the opportunities provided by our unique location. DC also stands for the Digital Community of current and former students who are leaders in their field. The GWSB Digital Community links you virtually to our Washington, DC campus, our internationally respected programs and faculty, and our global network of more than 60,000 alumni.

GWSB: DC builds upon GWSB's international reputation, delivering an outstanding education, advancing knowledge, and providing practical experience in diverse organizational settings. All of our work is designed to enhance the capacities and capabilities of students, always with the goal of creating productive and principled members of the business community and the greater society.